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About us


Nobis is a team of expert advisors on Public Safety, that works with emergency services, LEA and intelligence agencies since 2007.


We are passionated about helping our customers to find the best solutions available, that will help to protect and serve the citizens, and defend the freedom and the democracy.




Our services:


·         Technological consultancy: Our consultants are expert on cybersecurity, process management, information management, and social networks.

·         Business Consultancy: The experience of our team helps our customers to define, model and optimize their internal processes. 

·         Project & Program Management: The management of complex projects is based on methodology and best practices. Then the success can be foreseen.  Our long experience on complex projects and service management provide the needed resources to manage providers and subcontractors, and to control the agreed Quality and SLA.

·         Business Development: Our knowledge on technology and business make us a perfect partner for accelerating the sales process in new markets. We can help you in building a distribution channel, offering the solutions to the end customers, or distributing your products.

·         Software development: Our approach is to build the solution with proven components. The integration is the fast way to get an application that works without failures.








Nobis is the sales representative of some software editors with a strong reputation in Public Safety.

We can mention openly a short list of them:



·         EMERES offers a world class, emergency call handling and dispatch solution designed to meet the needs of 9-1-1 multi-agency services as well as single Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies worldwide. The product offering is in constant evolution to incorporate innovative customer driven demands, industry best practices and Public Safety standards. The solution is currently in use by agencies serving countries, states, counties, cities, small municipalities, designed to handle the diverse needs of customers anywhere in the world, in the country’s native language.





·           Expert System develops software that understands the meaning of written language. As the leading text analytics company, we help you take full advantage of the growing internal and external information you manage—including and especially structured data and unstructured text—for your most strategic activities and decision making or to automate information intensive processes. Expert System harnesses the power of cognitive computing to leverage the value in every piece of content.





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Some of our most important projects:


·         PSAP and Dispatch service: 2015, 133 Carabineros de Chile

·         PSAP and Dispatch service: 2013, 911 Salta, Argentina

·         Design of the data integration between Civil Defense and 911: 2013, Salta, Argentina

·         PSAP and Dispatch service: 2014, 911 Panamá Sume

·         “IT Emergency Management Congress”, 2014, Madrid, Spain

·         “Emergency Management Conference”, 2015 Lima, Perú

·         “Economic and Strategic IntelligenceConference, 2016 Bogotá, Colombia.








Please contact us:


·         Email: nobis@nobis.es

·         Phone: +34 678539299







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